24/7 Emergency Service

At Electrical Progression, Safety and the well being of our workers are primary concerns.  We strive for a company wide goal of nothing less than zero accidents and injuries.  This commitment is embraced by every employee and endorsed at every level of the Company.

Electrical Progression’s excellent safety record also means fewer delays, increased productivity and greater overall savings for you, our Customer.  We are committed to meeting and exceeding our Customer’s specific safety requirements, as well as OSHA regulations.

Our accident prevention program is based upon a firm commitment to the prevention of injuries to employees, prevention of damage to property or the environment, as well as hazardous material releases as a result of any operational activity we may undertake.

Electrical Progression is a Drug Free Workplace – The Northeastern Illinois Chapter NECA and IBEW Local 150 have formed an “Alliance” to address the problems caused by drug and alcohol abuse.  The “Alliance” uses an outside firm to randomly select members of the IBEW and perform drug testing annually.  We strongly support these efforts.